Ealing Lawn Tennis Club wheelchair tennis

Wheelchair Tennis

Ealing Lawn Tennis Club is looking for wheelchair tennis players!

To help us get started we have been given a grant by Middlesex LTA and this means we hope to be able to offer group and individual coaching at a subsidised rate of £3 per session for new players. We welcome participants of any age.

We are flexible about when we hold our sessions if it’s during weekdays so we can often fit around you. Evening and weekend slots are busier but we will still be able to offer sessions if you are at school or at work.

Sessions will last at least 50 minutes depending on whether they are group or individual. Players do not have to be full members of Ealing LTC and you don’t necessarily have to use a chair in everyday life to qualify e.g if you have brittle bones or have lost a lower limb.

Dimitri (see YouTube video above) is the first player to take advantage of our scheme. So what does Dimitri think of it so far? "I love tennis. It's a great way to show everyone what you are made of and what you can achieve if you try" Our goal is to have enough players to have a community of wheelchair players of all ages who will be able to enjoy playing with each other on a regular basis.

Wheelchair Tennis Coach:

Gham Patel

Disability Tennis Open Day:

The club recently hosted a Disability Tennis Open Day to raise awareness of wheelchair tennis and the club's accessible facilities. We plan to host more of these events in coming months.


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