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Tennis Coaching at ELTC

There are a variety of coaching opportunities at ELTC.  We cater for the community, and aim to provide opportunities for the whole membership demand from beginner to advanced team player.

For juniors, there is a range of programmes available, including a renowned and successful Junior Coaching Programme, delivered by George Matheou and recognised by Middlesex LTA.

For adults, we can offer group sessions for a variety of playing levels, and if you want to combine tennis and fitness Gham Patel offers Cardio Tennis three times a week.

Individual coaching is available for all members who wish to work on some specific areas of their game.

All coaches are LTA accredited, DBS checked and are in agreement with The Club to deliver their roles in The ELTC Coaching Programme.

We have ‘regular coaches’ who are present at The Club daily.

There are a number of ‘hitting coaches’ who assist group coaching programmes and provide one-on-one sessions.

We also have a small number of ‘visiting coaches’ who work with a limited number of our junior players on and ad-hoc basis.

The coaching team are passionate, experienced and driven to deliver a coaching programme for the membership.

Coaching at ELTC is overseen by the Club Manager, James Feaver.

Please get in touch for coaching related questions, and to be placed with one of our coaches:
eltcclubmanager@gmail.com. Alternatively, contact the Coaching Team directly.



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